Higher Definition Pictures

We are limited on the amount of data we can have on the site (as well as the bandwidth to allow everyone to download).  For this reason we cannot post the larger, higher definition pictures of the plants.

We do sell several inexpensive CD-ROMs that derived from the site and include the larger pictures.  They will work on PC or Macintosh. 

These CDs make a great gift.  It is a fun gift idea for people who seems to have already everything.

There are 3 basic options to purchase the CDs:

- The most recently available, and we believe the most convenient is PayPal.  It is easy to register, very secure.  They offer you all kind of guaranties.

- You can also pay with credit cards and checks.

In any case, we appreciate you using the site, and your support. 

This site contains information and pictures for more than 2000 species of plants.
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