Tropica Mango Nursery

Steve Flowers has been a tropical horticulturist for 25 years, the nursery features a very large choice of tropical fruit trees and landscape plants that grow in Phoenix. He is at your service, and would love to share his secrets on how to make this rare tropical tree, grow in your backyard. He is also available for consulting and design of larger projects.

Among the large selection are:

Mangoes (10 varieties), Guavas (5 varieties), Bananas (10 varieties), Papayas (5 varieties), Avocado (3 varieties), Longan (2 varieties), White Sapote (3 varieties), exotic citrus (Thai Lime, Key Lime, Blood Orange…), rare palms (Silver Palmetto, Everglades Palm, Coccothrinax, Thrinax, Thatch Palm… ) Bamboos (Golden, Black), Jujube, Black Mulberry, cold hardy Ginger, and many more.

The nursery is located at:
3015 E. Baseline Road, Phoenix, AZ 85040

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Toll Free: (888) 942-6577
Steve's mobile 576-6948

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Steve Flowers
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