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Facheiroa( 5 taxa)
Fagraea fragrans (Tembusu)
Fagus( 6 taxa)
Fallugia paradoxa (Apache Plume)
Farfugium japonicum
Fargesia( 2 taxa)
Fascicularia pitcairniifolia
Fatshedera lizei (Aralia Ivy, Fat Headed Lizzy, Tree Ivy)
Fatsia japonica (Japanese Aralia)
Faucaria( 10 taxa)
Feijoa sellowiana (Feijoa, Pineapple Guava)
Felicia( 3 taxa)
Fenestraria rhopalophylla (Baby Toes, Sand)
Ferocactus( 42 taxa)
Festuca( 5 taxa)
Ficus( 15 taxa)
Filipendula( 4 taxa)
Firmiana simplex (Chinese Parasol Tree, Japanese Varnish Tree)
Fittonia verschaffeltii (Mosaic Plant, Nerve Plant, Painted Net Leaf)
Fockea( 3 taxa)
Foeniculum vulgare (Common Fennel, Bronze Fennel)
Fontinalis antipyretica (Water Moss, Willow Moss)
Forestiera pubescens (New Mexico Privet, New Mexico Olive)
Forsythia( 5 taxa)
Fortunella( 2 taxa)
Fothergilla( 3 taxa)
Fouquieria( 5 taxa)
Fragaria( 3 taxa)
Frailea( 25 taxa)
Francoa ramosa (Maiden's Wreath)
Frangula( 5 taxa)
Franklinia alatamaha (Franklin Tree)
Fraxinus( 12 taxa)
Freesia hybrida (Freesia)
Fremontodendron( 3 taxa)
Frithia pulchra (Baby Toes)
Fritillaria( 9 taxa)
Fuchsia( 7 taxa)
Furcraea foetida (Cantala)

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