The genus Cyphostemma consists of caudiciform species that used to belong to the genus Cissus. They come from Africa and Madagascar. They vary in side from small shrub to tree-like.

Larger mature cyphostemma will take some frost, but the smaller species or younger specimen should be kep above 40F (4C) at all time.

Propagation is from seeds that come in late summer in grape like fruit. The fruits are poisonous. Reproduction by cuttings is said to be impossible for many species, there are also questions if the plants grown from cuttings would ever develop a caudex.

Species and varieties
Cyphostemma bainesii (Gouty Vine)
Cyphostemma betiforme
Cyphostemma currori
Cyphostemma elephantopus
Cyphostemma juttae (Basterkobas, Bastard Cobas)
Cyphostemma laza
Cyphostemma montagnacii
Cyphostemma betiformis synonym of Cyphostemma betiforme
Cyphostemma cramerana synonym of Cyphostemma currori

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