Anacampseros is the ancient name for an herb that was supposed to restore lost love. The genus Anacampseros used to have a larger number of species. It has now been split in 3 genus: Anacampseros and Avonia from South Africa, and Grahamia with species in the Americas and Australia.

Anacampseros form clumping rosettes of succulent leaves. They develop a small caudex as they age. They won't take any frost.

The flowers come from time to time in summer, and they open on sunny days only. They are self-fertile and produce seeds in a cup or upright filaments.

Species and varieties
Anacampseros crinita
Anacampseros filamentosa (Haassuring, Haasballetjies)
Anacampseros lanceolata
Anacampseros retusa
Anacampseros rufescens
Anacampseros subnuda
Anacampseros vulcanensis (Anacampseros vulcanensis)
Anacampseros alstonii synonym of Avonia quinaria
Anacampseros arachnoides synonym of Anacampseros rufescens
Anacampseros baeseckei var. crinita synonym of Anacampseros crinita
Anacampseros intermedia synonym of Anacampseros filamentosa (Haassuring, Haasballetjies)
Anacampseros maxima synonym of Hylotelephium maximum (Stonecrop)
Anacampseros quinaria synonym of Avonia quinaria
Anacampseros rubens synonym of Anacampseros rufescens
Anacampseros telephioides synonym of Hylotelephium telephioides (Allegheny Stonecrop)

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