Species and varieties
Geranium argenteum
Geranium cantabrigiense (Hardy Geranium)
Geranium cinereum (Hardy Geranium)
Geranium clarkei (Hardy Geranium)
Geranium dalmaticum
Geranium endressii
Geranium himalayense
Geranium ibericum (Iberian Crane's Bill)
Geranium incanum (Carpet Geranium)
Geranium macrorrhizum (Bigroot Geranium, Bigroot Cranesbill)
Geranium maculatum (Spotted Cranesbill)
Geranium magnificum
Geranium oxonianum (Hardy Geranium)
Geranium phaeum (Dusky Cranesbill. Mourning Widow)
Geranium platypetalum
Geranium pratense (Meadow geranium, Field Cranesbill)
Geranium psilostemon (Hardy Geranium)
Geranium renardii
Geranium sanguineum (Bloody Cranesbill)
Geranium sylvaticum (Crow Flower)
Geranium wallichianum
Geranium nepalense var. thunbergii synonym of Geranium ibericum (Iberian Crane's Bill)

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