Species and varieties
Racosperma aneurum synonym of Acacia aneura (Mulga Acacia)
Racosperma auriculiforme synonym of Acacia auriculiformis (Earleaf Acacia, Northern Black Wattle)
Racosperma baileyanum synonym of Acacia baileyana (Cootamundra Wattle)
Racosperma cultriforme synonym of Acacia cultriformis (Knife Acacia, Knife Leaf Wattle)
Racosperma peuce synonym of Acacia peuce (Waddy Wood)
Racosperma podalyriifolium synonym of Acacia podalyriifolia (Queensland Silver Wattle, Pearl Acacia)
Racosperma pycnanthum synonym of Acacia pycnantha (Golden Wattle)
Racosperma salicinum synonym of Acacia salicina (Willow Acacia, Australian Willow)
Racosperma stenophyllum synonym of Acacia stenophylla (Shoestring Acacia)
Racosperma tetragonophyllum synonym of Acacia tetragonophylla (Dead Finish, Prickly Wattle)
Racosperma verticillatum synonym of Acacia verticillata (Prickly Moses, Prickly-leaved Wattle)

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