Pachyphytum is a genus containing about a dozen of Mexican species of succulents related to Echeveria. The main attraction of these species are the softly colored leaves, generally covered with a powdery bloom. The genus name Pachyphytum comes from the Greek for 'thick leaves'.

The flowers are small, not very interesting. They are followed by tiny seed pods. The Pachyphytum are generally propagated by leaf cuttings.

Pachyphytum tend to be more resistant to extreme temperature than Echeveria, they can generally bear 20F (-7C) for short periods, and tend to be more heat resistant.

Species and varieties
Pachyphytum bracteosum
Pachyphytum coeruleum
Pachyphytum compactum
Pachyphytum fittkaui
Pachyphytum 'Garnet Fudge'
Pachyphytum glutinicaule
Pachyphytum hookeri
Pachyphytum hookeri 'cristata'
Pachyphytum longifolium
Pachyphytum oviferum (Moonstones)
Pachyphytum clavifolium synonym of Pachyveria clavifolia
Pachyphytum ovatum synonym of Pachyphytum oviferum (Moonstones)

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