Pitcairnia is is a genus containing over 260 species of bromeliads native from Mexico and Western Indies down to South America. Most species are growing in the ground or in cliffs and other rock piles. Some are epiphyitic. Many have brightly coloured and conspicuous inflorescences and flowers. A number of the species drop their leaves during their rest period. The genus was named by the botanist L’Héritier in honor of William Pitcairn (1711-1791), an English physician who kept a botanical garden at Islington near London.

Most Pitcairnia are frost tender, but they need a rest period during which they are watered much less.

They are propagated by seeds or division of rhizome.

Species and varieties
Pitcairnia micheliana
Pitcairnia alpestris synonym of Puya alpestris
Pitcairnia lorentziana synonym of Deuterocohnia lorentziana
Pitcairnia mirabilis synonym of Puya mirabilis
Pitcairnia sphaerocephala synonym of Puya venusta
Pitcairnia venusta synonym of Puya venusta

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