Hechtia is a genus of about 50 species belonging to the pineapple family. It is related to the genera Dyckia, Hechtia, Pitcairnia and Puya. The genus Hechtia is named in honor of German Julius Gottfried Conrad Hecht (1771-1837). They have long, stiff, spiny-toothed leaves in dense rosettes and clusters of small white flowers.

Hechtias are terrestrial bromeliads, and they require copious amount of water and fertilizer to prosper. They are originating from dry areas of Texas thru Central America, but almost all the species are native to Mexico. Most of the species are extremely frost tender. They tend to have a large root system, and generally need to be overpotted.

Hechtias are dioecious, so a male plant and a female plant are needed to produce seeds.

Species and varieties
Hechtia gayii
Hechtia marnier-lapostollei
Hechtia podantha
Hechtia rosea
Hechtia stenopetala
Hechtia texensis (Texas false agave)
Hechtia tillandsioides
Hechtia besseriana synonym of Hechtia stenopetala
Hechtia cordylinoides synonym of Hechtia stenopetala
Hechtia pitcairniifolia synonym of Fascicularia pitcairniifolia
Hechtia pringlei synonym of Hechtia stenopetala
Hechtia purpusii synonym of Hechtia tillandsioides
Hechtia scariosa synonym of Hechtia texensis (Texas false agave)

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