Dyckia is a genus of 120 terrestrial bromeliads native from Brazil and central part of South America. The genus is named after the Prussian botanist, botanical artist and horticulturist Josef Maria Franz Anton Hubert Ignatz, Prince and Earl of Salm Reifferscheid-Dyck (1773-1861). Dyckia have stiff leaves and are generally spiny. They live in rocky and/or sunny areas. Most species clump readily forming large mats

They are relative of the pineapple and are relatively easy to grow. They should be grown as other succulents in a well drained soil. Good cactus soil or African violet soil is adequate. They like a lot of water in summer, and need a lot of space in their pot to accommodate their large root system. A lot of sunlight is a necessity.

Flowers are generally yellow to orange and come from the side of the rosette.

Species and varieties
Dyckia dawsonii
Dyckia fosteriana
Dyckia maritima
Dyckia marnier-lapostollei
Dyckia remotiflora
Dyckia rariflora synonym of Dyckia remotiflora

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