Malabar Spinach, Ceylon Spinach
Scientific Name: Basella rubra
family: Basellaceae

Malabar Spinach, Ceylon Spinach (Basella rubra)
Malabar spinach 'Rubra'

Recommended Temperature Zone:

sunset: 23-24 as perennial
USDA: 10 as perennial

Frost Protection:

Tender in Phoenix

Sun Exposure:

Light shade in Phoenix


Africa, South East Asia

Growth Habits:

Tender fast growing vine to 10 feet

Watering Needs:

Regular water



 The Malabar Spinach is a common vagetable in tropical Africa and southeast Asia, where it originated. Only the young leaves are eaten. To prepare, boil and discard water. Young leaves can be added to a green salad.

Cultural Practices:
The Malabar Spinach is a tender perennial grown as an annual in most of the USA. It needs regular water and fertilizing.

Start the seeds indoor at 70F (21C) in mid January. Plant outside in early March or after the last frosts.

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