Kleinia is a genus of about 40 species that were previously included in the genus Senecio. They have been separated in the eighties based on microscopic differences in the flower structures. This work is still somewhat controversial, although supported by most botanists specialized in the group.

Many Kleinia are winter growers.

Species and varieties
Kleinia fulgens (Scarlet Kleinia)
Kleinia longiflora (Sjambok Bush)
Kleinia petraea
Kleinia cylindrica synonym of Senecio cylindricus
Kleinia ficoides synonym of Senecio ficoides
Kleinia haworthii synonym of Senecio haworthii
Kleinia mandraliscae synonym of Senecio mandraliscae (Blue Finger)
Kleinia obesa synonym of Senecio deflersii (Pickle Plant)
Kleinia pendula synonym of Senecio pendulus (Inch Worm)
Kleinia radicans synonym of Senecio radicans (String of Pearls)
Kleinia repens synonym of Senecio serpens
Kleinia spiculosa synonym of Senecio cylindricus
Kleinia stapeliformis synonym of Senecio stapeliaeformis
Kleinia violacea synonym of Kleinia longiflora (Sjambok Bush)

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