Lomatophyllum is a genus of succulent plants from Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands. It is sometimes classified as an Aloe, but differs by having fleshy fruit.

Species and varieties
Lomatophyllum purpureum
Lomatophyllum aldabrense synonym of Aloe aldabrensis
Lomatophyllum aloiflorum synonym of Aloe purpurea
Lomatophyllum anivoranoense synonym of Aloe anivoranoensis
Lomatophyllum antsingyense synonym of Aloe antsingyensis
Lomatophyllum belavenokense synonym of Aloe belavenokensis
Lomatophyllum borbonicum synonym of Aloe purpurea
Lomatophyllum borbonicum synonym of Lomatophyllum purpureum
Lomatophyllum citreum synonym of Aloe citrea
Lomatophyllum lomatophylloides synonym of Aloe lomatophylloides
Lomatophyllum macrum synonym of Aloe macra
Lomatophyllum marginatum synonym of Aloe purpurea
Lomatophyllum namorokaense synonym of Aloe namorokaensis
Lomatophyllum occidentale synonym of Aloe occidentalis
Lomatophyllum oligophyllum synonym of Aloe oligophylla
Lomatophyllum orientale synonym of Aloe orientalis
Lomatophyllum pembanum synonym of Aloe pembana
Lomatophyllum peyrierasii synonym of Aloe peyrierasii
Lomatophyllum propaguliferum synonym of Aloe propagulifera
Lomatophyllum prostratum synonym of Aloe prostrata ssp. prostrata
Lomatophyllum purpureum synonym of Aloe purpurea
Lomatophyllum reflexum synonym of Dracaena reflexa (Pleomele, Song of India)
Lomatophyllum roseum synonym of Aloe rosea
Lomatophyllum rufocinctum synonym of Aloe purpurea
Lomatophyllum sociale synonym of Aloe socialis
Lomatophyllum tormentorii synonym of Aloe tormentorii
Lomatophyllum viviparum synonym of Aloe schilliana

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