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Aloe spectabilis
Scientific Name: Aloe spectabilis Reynolds
Synonym: Aloe ferox var. xanthostachys
family: Asphodelaceae

Aloe spectabilis

Recommended Temperature Zone:

USDA: 10-11

Frost Protection:

Hardy in Phoenix

Sun Exposure:

Full sun to light shade


South Africa, Natal

Growth Habits:

Single stemmed tree up to 12 feet tall

Watering Needs:

drought resistant


offsets(pups) and seeds

 A spiny leaved species of aloe, the Aloe spectabilis has stems up to 12 feet tall (3.6 m) and rosettes that can reach 4 feet in diameter (1.2 m).

Cultural Practices:
This species is dormant in winter, keep it totally dry at or around 40F (4C).

Dry Climate Gardening With Succulents : The Huntington Botanical Gardens
Guide to the Aloes of South Africa


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