Stapelia is a large genus of over 40 asclepiads from southern Africa. They have spineless, mostly upright, succulent stems.

The flowers, as many other asclepiad genera, smell rather bad, and use flies as pollinators. This genus has large star-shaped flowers that can exceed 8 inches in diameter (20 cm). The color varies from red to brown, often marbled, probably trying to deceive the flies with the look as well as the smell. All or part of the flowers are hairy.

Species and varieties
Stapelia flavo-purpurea (Carrion Plant)
Stapelia gigantea (Carrion Plant)
Stapelia grandiflora (Carrion Plant)
Stapelia hirsuta (Carrion Plant)
Stapelia cactiformis synonym of Larryleachia cactiformis
Stapelia engleriana synonym of Tromotriche engleriana
Stapelia flavirostris synonym of Stapelia grandiflora (Carrion Plant)
Stapelia melanantha synonym of Orbeopsis melanantha
Stapelia nobilis synonym of Stapelia gigantea (Carrion Plant)
Stapelia variegata synonym of Orbea variegata (Carrion-flower)

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