There are more than half-a-dozen of Piaranthus coming from winter rain areas of South Africa and Namibia. They are related to Stapelia and have 4-angled stems. The flowers differ from stapelias by being star-shaped, having 5 independent petals. The name Piaranthus comes from the Greek for fat flower.

They form mats, typically in the shade of non-succulent bushes.

Piaranthus bloom in the fall, or early winter. They star-shaped flowers can be bright yellow (Piaranthus ruschii), stippled with red (Piaranthus foetidus), light yellow with very dense red spotting (Piaranthus pillansii), light yellow with irregular purplish brown stripes (Piaranthus barrydalensis), cream with some brown spotting (Piaranthus pulchella v.nebrownii) or various combinations of yellow with red spots. They have a variety of smells: rancid butter, rotting vegetation or even a sweet scent.

Species and varieties
Piaranthus foetidus
Piaranthus framesii
Piaranthus parvulus

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