Plants of the Amaryllidaceae Family

Amarcrinum memoria-corsii
Amaryllis belladona (Naked Lady Lily, Belladona Lily)
Clivia miniata (Clivia)
Crinum asiaticum (Poison Bulb)
Crinum bulbispermum (Orange River Lily)
Crinum jagus (Swamp Lily, Spider Lily)
Crinum moorei
Crinum powellii
Cyrtanthus elatus
Cyrtanthus mackenii (Ifafa Lily)
Eucharis grandiflora (Amazon Lily, Eucharis Lily)
Galanthus elwesii (Giant Snowdrop)
Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop)
Haemanthus albiflos (Royal Paint Brush)
Haemanthus coccineus (Ox Tongue Lily)
Hymenocallis festalis (Spiderlily)
Hymenocallis latifolia (Perfumed Spiderlily)
Hymenocallis littoralis (Beach Spiderlily)
Hymenocallis longipetala (Spider lily)
Hymenocallis narcissiflora (Peruvian Daffodil, Basket Flower)
Ixiolirion tataricum (Siberian Lily)
Narcissus asturiensis
Narcissus bulbocodium (Hoop Petticoat Daffodil)
Narcissus cyclamineus
Narcissus hybridus (Daffodil)
Narcissus jonquilla (Jonquil)
Narcissus tazetta (Polyanthus Narcissus)
Narcissus triandrus (Angel's Tears)
Nerine bowdenii
Nerine curvifolia
Nerine filifolia
Nerine masonorum
Nerine sarniensis (Guernsey Lily)
Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. katherinae (Blood Lily)
Sprekelia formosissima (Jacobean Lily, St James Lily, Aztec Lily)
Vallota speciosa (Scarborough Lily)

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