Titanopsis is a group of half-a-dozen of mesemb from South Africa. They are short-stemmed succulent rosettes of 6 to 8 interesting leaves covered of white warts. Over time, they can form large clusters.

Titanopsis have yellow flowers during their winter growing period. Those are 0.75 inches wide (2cm) yellow to orange blossom. The flowers come irregularly starting in the fall, and open at noon.

Sow it in spring and it should start flowering after two years.

The maintenance of Titanopsis is not difficult. They need a sandy substrate with little organic material. They are winter grower, and should be kept relatively dry in summer. They should also be kept dry when the temperature is below 45F (7C)

Species and varieties
Titanopsis calcarea
Titanopsis fullerii
Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri
Titanopsis luederitzii
Titanopsis calcareum synonym of Titanopsis calcarea
Titanopsis fulleri synonym of Titanopsis fullerii
Titanopsis luckhoffii synonym of Aloinopsis luckhoffii
Titanopsis setifera synonym of Aloinopsis setifera

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