There are over 20 to 40 species of Pleiospilos native from Southern Africa. They are succulent plants related to Lithops. Their stem is very short and might be underground, on the stem are 2 or 4 succulent grey-green leaves with darker spots. The name Pleiospilos comes from the Greek for "many specks".

Their growing season is from late summer to late fall. It is easier to grow them in a relatively small pot (a 4-inch pot is adequate). It is important to have a good drainage: putting clay pot chards or rough stones at the bottom of the pot is probably a good idea.

Propagation is mostly done by seeds in spring, but can be done by division also in the spring. Make sure to get some roots on the daughter plant when you separate it from the main Pleiospilos.

Species and varieties
Pleiospilos beaufortensis
Pleiospilos bolusii (Mimicry Plant)
Pleiospilos compactus (Mimicry Plant)
Pleiospilos dimidiatus
Pleiospilos leipoldtii
Pleiospilos nelii (Split Rock)
Pleiospilos simulans
Pleiospilos longibracteatus synonym of Pleiospilos compactus (Mimicry Plant)
Pleiospilos optatus synonym of Pleiospilos compactus (Mimicry Plant)
Pleiospilos pedunculata synonym of Pleiospilos nelii (Split Rock)
Pleiospilos tricolor synonym of Pleiospilos nelii (Split Rock)

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