The Gibbaeum are another genus of 20 or so stone looking mesemb. Their characteristic is two unequal leaves closely pressed together. Their name comes from the Latine for "hump". Most of them originate from the Little Karoo desert in South Africa. They produce offsets, and some species form mats of succulent leaves.

Gibbaeum are notoriously difficult to grow, rotting very easily. In summer water them only when they start shriveling, water more abundantly when they are growing in the fall and spring. Keep them rather dry at the cold of the winter. They will take a light frost if they are in dry soil.

Propagation is mostly from seeds.

Species and varieties
Gibbaeum album
Gibbaeum esterhuyseniae
Gibbaeum fissoides
Gibbaeum haagei
Gibbaeum pilosulum
Gibbaeum velutinum
Gibbaeum fissum synonym of Argyroderma fissum
Gibbaeum intermedium synonym of Gibbaeum esterhuyseniae
Gibbaeum nelii synonym of Gibbaeum fissoides
Gibbaeum pygmaeum synonym of Glottiphyllum nelii

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