Delosperma is a fairly large genus of succulent with over 100 species. It can be found from southern South Africa, up to Zimbabwe. Most of the species are subshrubs or trailing. The name Delosperma comes from the Greek for "visible seeds".

This genus contains the most frost resistant mesemb, Delosperma cooperi and D. nubigenum will survive 0F (-17C) or even less. In general, plants from this genus are less sensitive to overwatering.

Delosperma flowers are white, yellow, or red and they generally come in summer.

Species and varieties
Delosperma cooperi (Hardy Pink Ice Plant)
Delosperma esterhuyseniae
Delosperma floribundum (Ice Plant)
Delosperma harazianum
Delosperma lehmanni
Delosperma lineare
Delosperma napiforme
Delosperma nubigenum (Hardy Yellow Ice Plant)
Delosperma tradescantioides
Delosperma vinaceum
Delosperma macrorhizum synonym of Delosperma napiforme

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