Cheiridopsis is a large genus of around 100 species from southern Africa. Most of the species have a characteristic leaf pattern, in which leaves are coming in group two or three pairs, with the shorter drier outside pair framing the larger younger inner pair. The name Cheiridopsis comes from the Greek for "looking like a hand".

Most species of Cheiridopsis will survive light frost.

The flowers are generally yellow and come from early winter to late spring depending on the species.

They rest in summer. During that time they look kind of dry, or dying. Start watering when you see the new leaves peeking out.

Species and varieties
Cheiridopsis aspera
Cheiridopsis aurea
Cheiridopsis candidissima
Cheiridopsis carinata
Cheiridopsis caroli-schmidtii
Cheiridopsis cigarettifera
Cheiridopsis delphinoides
Cheiridopsis excavata
Cheiridopsis herrei
Cheiridopsis imitans
Cheiridopsis meyeri
Cheiridopsis pillansii
Cheiridopsis pulverulenta
Cheiridopsis purpurea
Cheiridopsis rostrata
Cheiridopsis schlechteri
Cheiridopsis umdausensis
Cheiridopsis braunsii synonym of Argyroderma fissum
Cheiridopsis denticulata synonym of Cheiridopsis candidissima
Cheiridopsis duplessii synonym of Cheiridopsis cigarettifera
Cheiridopsis hilmarii synonym of Deilanthe hilmarii
Cheiridopsis johannis-winkleri synonym of Cheiridopsis schlechteri
Cheiridopsis noctiflora synonym of Aloinopsis peersii
Cheiridopsis peersii synonym of Aloinopsis peersii

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