Tropical Gardening Book Reviews
Welcome to Sura and Philippe's book list! We like reading about the plants almost as much as taking care of them. Here are books that we have in our library. All book are not born equal, and we are rating the books from 1 pineapple (we hated the book) to 5 pineapples (we would not consider not having it).

We have also an extensive list of tropical, palm, and desert landscaping books for you to check.

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All About Citrus and Subtropical Fruits by Ortho Books, Maggie Blyth Klein, Paul, Jr. Moore (Photographer)
ISBN: 0897210654

Contains data about citrus, but also about most subtropical fruits you have heard about. It includes plenty of pictures, detail about most common varieties. At $10 or less it is one of the best values around.

 Growing Family Fruit and Nut
Marian Van Atta, Shirley L. Wagner
ISBN: 1561640018

A good beginner book, easy to read. Nothing exciting though.

 Citrus by Sunset Staff
ISBN: 0376031042

Another good citrus book to have, with plenty of pictures and relevant information.

 Western Garden Book by Sunset Editors
ISBN: 0376038519

The industry standard: 6000 entries, 2500 illustrations. It costs between $20 and $30, but it is a "must have".

Tropical Forests and Their Crops
by Nigel J.H. Smith, J.T. Williams, Donald L. Plucknett, Jenni Talbot
ISBN: 0801480582

History of a variety of tropical crops, the history of their domestication, their uses today, and the known extent of their gene pool.

Tropical Gardening
by David Bar-Zvi, Chani Yammer (Contributor),
Albert Squillace (Contributor)
ISBN: 0679758631

A fantastic book, 300 pictures of tropical plants with well written accurate data. Unfortunately too many enjoyed it, and it currently out of stock. If you find it, buy it.

 Tropical Fruits of Asia
by Wendy Hutton, Heinz Von Holzen (Photographer)
ISBN: 962593135X

Nice pictures, over 50 fruit descriptions with nice pictures. Unfortunately there is little information about the plants or trees producing them

 Tropical Herbs & Spices
by Wendy Hutton, Alberto Cassio (Photographer)
ISBN: 9625931538

As the other guides of the series, the "tropical" in the title means "from tropical Asia". Like them the book features really nice color pictures, and no information on how to grow the spice.

 Tropical Vegetables by Tuttle Publishing Staff
ISBN: 962593149X

A small guide, nice pictures, description of over 60 vegetables encountered in tropical Asia (a significant number that you would encounter anywhere). It will help you to identify the vegetables next time you go to the Asian market but doesn't include any data on how to grow them.



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